Close your eyes and open your mind

Drew. 19. Buffalo, NY

Living in the moment.

I love spontaneous experiences.



Today is the day that I leave, to make a better & brighter future for myself for the longest time now. The past 3 years have been dark, depressing, and addicting. Today is the day where I turn my life around, today is the day I go to in-patient substance abuse treatment. It would be true to say I’m scared, anxious, and reluctant, but I’m also excited for what lies ahead. All the support from my family & a few good friends this past week has really changed me in ways I can’t explain. You really don’t realize all you have until you emerge from the darkest places of your life. My future is uncertain but I know when I get out I have the whole world ahead of me; a fresh start. There’s some things I started that I wish I could continue when I’m on the other side of things, but time changes everything and I can’t expect them to be around after it all. I just am hopeful for my future and I know after this I will be a stronger, happier, and more understanding person. So today’s the day that I start my new life.